Can’t park outside your house? GoGet could be the answer!

gogetToday there was a small ceremony in Civic Square to celebrate the launch of GoGet in Mosman. GoGet has identified a niche between owning your own car and a rental car. The concept is only possible because Internet and smart card technology now exists. My prediction is that once people cotton on to the advantages it will be big a big success – and all of Mosman will benefit.

A subscription to GoGet costs just $9 a month. This gives you a smart card that allows you to unlock and drive away any GoGet car. GoGet has negotiated with councils, owners corporations and businesses across the country to provide dedicated parking spots for GoGet cars. In Mosman the first two will be in Civic Square and Raglan St East car park. You can book a car at a specific location up to two years ahead on the web, or you can use the web to see if a car is available at your local spot. You pay $7.90 an hour for the car and 35c/km but fuel is free.

Those lucky enough to live near a GoGet spot get all the advantages of owning a car but without the cost and hassles of ownership. I can see a lot of second cars being sold and replaced by subscriptions to GoGet. If you are prepared to hop on a bike to get to your car then virtually everyone living along the many ridges of Mosman is within a flat, 10 minute, ride from a car.

Two long term subscribers were at the launch. Rosemary runs a business and finds GoGet a much more cost effective proposition than having a company vehicle. What she likes most is the fact that all her travel expenses, including fuel and tolls are neatly summarised in her monthly account. John does business all over the metropolitan area. He uses public transport to get to a remote GoGet site and picks up a car at that point. What he likes is the fact hat he can see a list of clients in the Parramatta area and always be sure that he has a free parking spot to return to right in the Parramatta cbd.

GoGet is in effect a car sharing scheme. How crazy is it to have hundreds of little used privately owned vehicles clogging up Mosman streets when a small pool of cars could meet everyone’s needs. The problem that GoGet has is the same as Alexander Bell had when he started rolling out the first telephone service in New York. The value of the service increases exponentially with the number of subscribers, or in GoGet’s case the number off cars and sites.

It is my hope that GoGet will tale off, and that before too long there will be a pod of cars located at Balmoral Beach. More than most places, finding a spot for second and third cars can be a hassle at Balmoral Beach – so why not get rid of the car and go for a GoGet subscription instead. Parking is then always available and it is free to boot.

Want to learn more, or become a subscriber?


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