Balmoral 2088

Does Roy Bendall really want to do this to us?

If his proposal to formally recognise Balmoral, Beauty Point and Clifton Gardens gets endorsed by Council, over half the people in Mosman would have to change their official address. Computer based automatic address checkers would reject an address such as Carrington Ave Mosman causing much frustration and confusion. To make it all happen countless bureaucrats in Council, the Geographical Names Boards and anyone who runs a business with an address databases would be required to spent inordinate amounts of time and money updating their records.

The current system whereby everyone in Mosman has the postal address Mosman 2088 works extremely well. There is only one Mosman in Australia but there are two other Balmorals in NSW alone and five in Australia and there is one other Beauty Point. Whatever our postal address we are all free to decide for ourselves how we describe the locality in which we live to our friends and real estate agents. It may depend on the context, sometimes Mosman at other times something much more specific like Middle Head or Mosman Bay. The fuzziness of the boundaries gives us this licence.

While people live here there is no danger of the locality names in Mosman being forgotten. Mosman 2088 has been our postal address for decades. But last time I looked buses still go to Beauty Point, Balmoral and Clifton Gardens. Google and every street directory I have looked also recognise all three.

If Roy’s proposal goes ahead we would no longer have the very happy circumstance in terms of branding where the suburb and the municipality cover the same geographical area. Instead the suburb Mosman would shrink to encompass the bits on Roy’s map that were not worthy of a name of their own.

I say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Surely there are more important challenges that Council should be grappling with!


2 Responses to “Balmoral 2088”

  1. Brian Wilder Says:


    We have lived in Mosman 2088 for almost 50 years, and have had a P O Box at Mosman PO since the early 1960’s

    It is not uncommon for mail addressed to us at our P O Box at Mosman Post Office 2088 to be delivered first to the same P O Box number, at Mossman, QLD 4873 and then get heavily colour highlited and re-posted !

    It the old days, no one ever said they lived in ‘Mosman’ – they lived at Balmoral, Georges Heights, Clifton Gardens, Beauty Point etc. etc. Something rather nice about that.

    In any case, it is supposed to be the post code which really determines the suburb surely ?

    If we applied ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ to everything we do, we would make no progress at all. I’m very surprised that an academic of all people should adopt a motto like that !!

    Shame on you.

  2. Amanda Says:

    Does anyone know of a David M Warren who lived in Carrington Ave Mosman? if so please contact many thanks, Amanda

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