Speak up for Mosman 2088

Picture1There is a proposal before the Geographical Names Board, instigated by Mosman Council, to re-write history and create four distinct suburbs in Mosman. Clifton Gardens, Balmoral Beach, Beauty Point and Mosman Bay would each have precisely defined boundaries with Mosman 2088 being confined to whatever is left.

A similar proposal came before the last Council, instigated from a longtime Balmoral resident who has, since postcodes were introduced in 1967 steadfastly refused to give her postal address as Mosman 2088, putting instead Balmoral. Not surprisingly much of her mail was wrongly delivered to Balmoral 2283 or Balmoral 2571 or Balmoarl 3407 or Balmoral 4171 or Balmoral 4552. Needless to say the last Council rejected the idea unanimously.

If you, like the previous Council feel that rubbishing the Mosman 2088 brand and imposing a massive cost in getting stationary and databases updated is nonsensical, make sure you let the GNB know. You can do it here, it is enough to say that you oppose the idea.

Here is the submission I made.

My reasons for preferring the status quo are as follows:

• Mosman, because of its topology and history is rich in local place names associated with geographical features, the estate names of land releases and tramway junctions. People living in the vicinity of these locations identify as living in that area as well as having a Mosman 2088 post code. There are no hard and fast boundaries and people living ‘in between’ these locations simply identify as living in Mosman (see attached map)

• When I am asked where I live, and I say Mosman, I can confidently assume that the questioner will immediately understand as Mosman has a very high recognition factor. I am also free to elaborate that the area of Mosman where I reside is Beauty Point if pinpointing is required. My postal address is clear and unambiguous as Mosman 2088.

• Before postcodes were introduced there may have been an argument for fine-grained locality naming. Now, more than 40 years after the single Mosman post code was introduced a change would cause decades of confusion and mis-addressing until the new system settled down.

• The cost imposed on the community in getting all stationary and databases updated would be considerable.

• The proposed boundaries force certain locations that have never identified with the place name that the proposal would give them to have that name, for example the East side of Spit Rd from Parriwi Junction would become part of Beauty Point which has only ever been identified with the West side of Spit Rd and half the shops in Mosman Junction would be in Balmoral Beach and the other in Mosman

• Any attempt to define arbitrary boundaries to divide the suburb would result in similar inconsistencies and confusions as for example the fact that houses on the ridge 100m above Balmoral Beach and a considerable distance from it would still have a Balmoral Beach address

• The proposal rides rough shod over history by redefining boundaries of that were associated with particular land releases

• Dividing a community which works very effectively as a coherent whole would be a backward step

• The reasons being advocated for the change are spurious. There is no danger that a locality name will disappear simply because it is not part of the formal postcode based addressing system. Is there any danger that Circular Quay or Wynyard will slip from usage simply because they lie within the Sydney 2000 post code zone?

• The proposal was unanimously rejected by the previous Council


5 Responses to “Speak up for Mosman 2088”

  1. Brian Wilder Says:


    You say : “The proposal was unanimously rejected by the previous Council” which is probably a good reason for reinstating the old names.

    But wasn’t it the previous Council that did away with the old names many of us love so much, and all done without any real community consultation ? They did the same with Wards I seem to remember.

    Why on earth does a return to some of the old names (where has Georges Heights gone ? Bring that name back too !) result in ‘rubbishing the Mosman 2088 brand’ whatever that means ? Sounds like gibberish to me.

    As for Beauty Point, I would like to see that area given to Clontarf – it isn’t really Mosman at all !


    Brian Wilder

  2. David Carment Says:

    I fully support Warren’s views here.

    As a professional historian and a long-time Mosman resident, I can identify numerous streets that have never previously been associated with the new localities in which the proposal places them.

    Adoption of the new names will also, as Warren points out, result in both confusion and significant additional costs for businesses and residents.

    I suspect that parts of the real estate industry are behind the push for the proposal. Property prices in all parts of Mosman are already too high. It would be unfortunate if adoption of names like Balmoral Beach pushes some values even higher.

    David Carment

  3. Les Louisson Says:

    This should be put before a public meeting and those who feel strongly enough could vote by a simple show of hands. There are pros and cons for both arguments. Let those who care enough vote.

  4. Nick Blair Says:

    I agree totally with your views Warren. Let’s hope that common sense prevails and that our elected Councilors spend their time and resources on things that will make a real difference to our community rather that wasting it on a divisive plan that will only serve to fracture our sense of community.

    Nick Blair

  5. Victor Says:

    Can anyone advise where I can sign the petition that is against the boundary changes proposed. I have written to GNB but would still like to sign the petition.

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