The Beauty Point LATM

800px-Fietsstrook_Herenweg_OudorpMosman Council and the community tried hard to stop the am rat run through Beauty Point, but they failed. The RMS, which has ultimate power has vetoed the idea.

In what seems to me like a knee jerk reaction to this knock back, Council is now proposing to solve the problem another way – by turning he route into an obstacle race of stop signs, chicanes, speed bumps and other traffic calming measures.

The problem with this ‘solution’ is that for 22 of the 24 hours of weekdays and all day on Saturday and Sunday there is no need for any calming measures as the rat run is closed.

Furthermore, for 22of the 24 hours of weekdays and all day on Saturday and Sunday local residents will be adversely affected:

  • by the loss of parking spaces
  • by the noise associated with vehicles negotiating the obstacles
  • by the inconvenience of negotiating the obstacles themselves
  • by the extreme visual pollution associated with signage

The obstacle course would also increase the travel time, vehicle wear and tear and driver stress of the Mosman Rider

There are many other options for solving the problem of speeding traffic during the rat run hours and/or discouraging traffic from using the rat run that would not make any imposition on local residents and at much less cost to the public purse such as:

  • strict enforcement of existing speed limits and Stop signs
  • a boom gate at the one way stretch in Bay St. This would also control vehicles illegally using the route in the reverse direction 24 hours a day and allow variable length delays to be imposed on traffic during rat run hours. Emergency vehicles could be fitted with a wireless actuator
  • A concerted collaboration by Beauty Point residents to drive through the area at no more than 30 km/h and stopping for a significant time at all stop signs during rat run hours thus slowing down following traffic.
  • Line markings to turn turn the wide sections of Pearl Bay Avenue and Bay St into a single traffic lane to be shared by traffic in both directions. The remainder of the road to be painted green to indicate that the space between kerb and shoulder is intended for cyclists(although according to the road rules vehicles could intrude into it for parking and passing). See attached photo of this type of marking which is used extensively in the Netherlands
  • A roundabout at Cowles//Awaba to give greater priority to traffic turning in and out of Awaba St over traffic coming up Cowles Rd

Council should not give up on having the rat run closed. The LATM is NOT a second best alternative to having the rat run closed. It won’t stop cars using the rat run but it will be a great imposition on residents.

At the very least Council should put on hold implementing the proposed LATM until the issue of ‘what to do now that the RMS has refused to close the rat run’ has been much more widely discussed in the Beauty Point community. This would much better align with Council’s community engagement policy.


2 Responses to “The Beauty Point LATM”

  1. Brian Wilder Says:

    Warren, you are dreaming and deluding yourself. For starters, your comparison with Holland is a joke – it’s chalk and cheese.

    The traffic situation is getting worse and worse all over Mosman, and even around here, Middle Head Rd, which doesn’t even have one round- about between Mosman Junction and the Headland Park, is now like Pitt Street at times and is scheduled to get much worse whatever happens on Middle Head itself.

    No public roads should be closed for the convenience of local residents. This would be a dangerous precedent that the Council would come to regret. Just about every area of Mosman could make a Beauty Point type case for closing public roads to make their life easier.

    The focus of the Beauty Point residents and the Council should be to find a solution to the Spit Bridge problem, but I can’t see any sign of a fight being organised to make that happen. With Liberal State and Federal Governments, and Liberal seats all the way up the northern beaches, it seems to me it’s now or never. When Labor gets back in, which now seems likely to be earlier rather than later, you can forget it.

    The Council should fight the closing of any roads, which belong to everyone.

  2. Roy Bendall Says:

    Dear Warren
    Council will be holding an extraordinary Traffic Committee meeting 28th May 10am at the Council chambers to discuss these matters. Look forward to your input.

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